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24 Mar 2020

Latest News

Black Dog Ride at Zuccoli

It was a pleasure to see Black Dog Ride at Zuccoli Village last weekend with their ‘show and shine event’.

The Black Dog Ride began in 2019 as a ride to raise awareness for the prevention of depression and suicide, quickly evolving into a national charity involving thousands of Australians who have raised millions for mental health programs and fostered mental health awareness around the nation.

On the day of the event, participants met at the Hidden Valley Raceway for registration and signups before riding through the city, and eventually arriving at Zuccoli Plaza for a ‘Show and Shine’, BBQ food and drinks, and entertainment.

It was great to see the plaza being utilised for such an important charity, and to see the local Zuccoli IGA being so heavily involved in the community.

To learn more about this great cause, go to

There is always events and exciting happens at Zuccoli Plaza, to find out more go to

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