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28 May 2018


Zuccoli Team attend Clontarf Academy Super Training Day

The BMD Group has been in partnership with the Clontarf Foundation for over three years, working closely to improve education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal men. The foundation’s programs are delivered through a network of academies, established in partnership with local schools.

Earlier this week, a few of the BMD Darwin team, including Zuccoli’s Tim Bycroft (Project Director) and Demitri Christou (Contract Administration Manager), attended the Clontarf Academy Super Training Day held at the Palmerston College Academy.

The team had plenty of fun, working hard to keep up with the boys over the course of the morning. It was great to see Sheldon Liddy take the field, who was one of the first to graduate year 12 through the Clontarf foundation 10 years ago. Sheldon is now a very valued member of the BMD Darwin team, and is a fine example of what positive impacts the Clontarf Academy has on these young men.

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