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11 Jul 2023


Breaking Barriers: How Renee Mangohig Transformed Her Body and Mind at F45, Zuccoli Plaza

If you’ve been thinking about kick starting your health and fitness but don’t know where to start, we’ve been lucky enough to have Renee Mangohig from Rauseo Group share her inspiring fitness transformation with us! As the go-to mortgage experts in Zuccoli, servicing Palmerston, Darwin, Durack, and nearby areas, the Rauseo Group, led by Carmine Rauseo and Renee Mangohig, has helped countless homeowners with property refinancing.

Renee was initially skeptical about completing the challenge at F45 Zuccoli, but the convenience of the gym being just two doors down from her workplace really encouraged her to sign up. Joining the 6:50am class set a positive tone for her day by completing a workout before starting work. She says it was this small step that made a significant difference in achieving her fitness goals.

Participating in the challenge, Renee became aware of just how important it is to have a specific target in mind. Initially, Renee’s goal was increasing her regular fitness from her 2-3 gym visits per week to attending almost everyday. The training plan created by the team at F45 set out a schedule to attend 5-6 days a week and helped make this seem achievable. Being disciplined with her physical fitness was the key to reaching larger holistic health goals including eating healthier, drinking less alcohol and creating a strong sleep schedule.

The results she achieved went beyond the physical, enhancing her mental clarity and overall well-being. “I noticed a change not just in my appearance but also in my mental state and overall sense of well-being,” Renee said.

Overcoming self-doubt and uncertainties proved to be one of Renee’s biggest challenges. The team at F45 Zuccoli helped her break down mental barriers and build inner strength. With each hurdle conquered, she emerged stronger and more confident, equipped to tackle any obstacle that came her way.

“The trainers at F45 were incredibly supportive, always ready to help and provide guidance. They were there every step of the way, whether it was setting goals or struggling with fitness routines,” Renee said.

Although Renee’s primary focus wasn’t weight loss, she says she couldn’t be happier with the remarkable transformation she was able to achieve. She became more toned, stronger, and healthier post challenge.

In just eight weeks Renee went from dragging herself to the gym twice a week to excitedly showing up for class 5-6 days per week, ready to push herself further in cardio and weight training. Renee’s before and after photos speak for themselves!

Filled with eagerness to take on another challenge, Renee emphasised the importance of resetting goals and maintaining momentum. F45 has become an integral part of her lifestyle, with the team and F45 community keeping her focused and motivated.

Renee’s fitness journey serves as a powerful testament to what can be achieved with determination and the right support system.

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