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Zuccoli News

19 Apr 2024


Highlighting Local Business – Tindahang Pinoy

Situated in Zuccoli Plaza, family-owned store and restaurant, Tindahang Pinoy offers a wide range of Filipino food and products that cater to the community.

Ana and Brian made the move to Australia from the Philippines in 2011 with their two children. Starting from scratch, the couple embarked on their journey of becoming business owners in Australia. They saw a gap in the market and decided to create an online Facebook group called “Tindahang Pinoy” – a platform for small business owners to sell their locally produced products.

From this success, the couple opened their first shop in 2020 at Jingili Terrace, before opening their second in Zuccoli Plaza in June 2023. “Tindahang Pinoy” means “Filipino Store” in Filipino. The term “Pinoy” commonly refers to citizens of the Philippines and their culture.

Tindahang Pinoy in Zuccoli Plaza provides locals with a taste of the Philippines, providing unique and delicious hot meals and groceries to create their favourite dish at home. At lunchtime, Tindahang serves a la carte and at dinner, they offer ready made dishes – perfect for a quick and tasty meal for the whole family!

Their range of Filipino food includes bestsellers such as Crispy Pata (crispy marinated pork hocks), Bulalo (beef knuckle soup with vegetables), and BBQ Pork Skewer. If you’ve always wanted to try Filipino Street Food, head to Tindahang on Monday evening for their special Tusok Tusok Monday meals,  which are very popular among customers and worth giving a try.

What sets Tindahang Pinoy apart is Ana and Brian’s dedication and passion. They believe it is their calling to be business owners and feel rewarded when providing more jobs for the community and supporting international students. The Santos family takes pride in being a family-owned business that serves the community.

Head down and try their delicious range of food at Zuccoli Plaza, open Monday to Saturdays 9am – 8pm and Sundays 9am – 7pm!

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