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25 Jul 2023


The Ultimate Roundup of Schools Near Zuccoli!

Zuccoli Village was built in an area that allows for peace and tranquility, away from high density unit living but still has access to all the amenities you look for when buying a home. This is especially important when it comes to education, and we are very lucky to be surrounded by a number of great education options from Early Learning through to Year 12. For growing families looking to make the move, we’ve created a roundup on all of the learning centers and schools within a 15-minute drive of Zuccoli Village.

Early Learning 

Zuccoli Early Learners: Right in the heart of Zuccoli, Zuccoli Early Learners is an inclusive place of learning for your little ones with activities designed to get them excited about learning. Their aim is to provide a stimulating, nurturing and fun learning environment that fosters growth.

Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School: Located in Zuccoli, Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School also houses an early learning centre via Northern Territory Catholic Education, offering quality early learning for children three to five years. They aim to inspire younger children’s curiosity and the skills to explore and investigate.

Good Shepherd Lutheran College: Good Shepherd Lutheran College caters to students from Early Learning through to Year 12. There is an Early Learning Centre at all three campuses, located in Palmerston, Leanyer, and Howard Springs. The Early Learning Centres provide an innovative play-based curriculum designed to cater to each child’s individual learning style and needs based on the Early Years Learning Framework.

Rosebery Early Learning: A brief 4-minute drive from Zuccoli, Rosebery Early Learning encourages active play-based learning where educators foster positive guidance towards children’s behaviour. Rosebery Early Learning places a strong focus on learning experiences that cater to your child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. 


Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School: Located in Zuccoli, Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School welcomes students from Early Learning to Year 6, with after school care hours also available. The school is committed to providing an authentic, quality Catholic Education by promoting a safe, stimulating, and nurturing environment.

Zuccoli Primary School: Also located in Zuccoli, Zuccoli Primary School similarly caters to students from Preschool through to Year 6. The school ethos is built around high expectations of staff and students and a commitment to excellence.

Howard Springs Primary School: Located just a 7-minute drive from Zuccoli Plaza, Howard Springs Primary School aims to create a community of learners that embrace challenge, support, and empower each other to achieve strong growth and learning for all.

Gray Primary School: Gray Primary School is an urban school that offers learning from Preschool through to Year 6, as well as an adjoining Childcare Centre. An 8-minute drive from the heart of Zuccoli, the diverse school community promotes high achievement in a safe, caring environment.

Driver Primary School: Driver Primary School features learning from preschool to Year 6 and encourages educating the whole child – the head, the heart, and the hands, including a unique Kitchen Garden program. The school is located in Driver, just a 9-minute drive from Zuccoli.

Rosebery Primary School: Rosebery Primary School places a strong focus on providing innovative teaching practices to nurture, challenge, and inspire children, by engaging in collaboration through Kagan Cooperative Learning and co-teaching. Rosebery is located only a short 4-minute drive from the heart of Zuccoli and caters to students from preschool to Year 6. Out of school hours care is also available.

Forrest Parade School: Forrest Parade School is a supportive and individualized learning community for children who require specialized and individualized educational programs. Located in Bellamack, a 7-minute drive from Zuccoli, Forrest Parade caters to students from Preschool to Year 6.

Bakewell Primary School: Bakewell Primary School is an independent public school that is supported by the Department of Education. This, in turn, provides flexibility and autonomy to make better use of resources, with the aim of maximizing student learning outcomes. Located a 5-minute drive from Zuccoli, Bakewell caters for students from Early Learning to Year 6, as well as their Supported Playgroup, which caters for children from birth to 4 years of age.

High School 

MacKillop Catholic College: MacKillop Catholic College is aimed at providing secondary co-educational learning environments that value diversity, inclusiveness, and equality. They pride themselves on their state-of-the-art resources and broad range of electives available to students. The college is only a 3-minute drive from Zuccoli.

Palmerston College: Palmerston College features a Dual Campus layout focused on building pathways to success for children going into the middle and senior years of school. The Colleges’ Year 7 – 9 campus, located in Rosebery, aims to develop strong foundations throughout the secondary middle years. The Years 10 – 12 campus, located in Driver, focuses on helping students pursue personal excellence.

Good Shepherd Lutheran College: As mentioned earlier, Good Shepherd Lutheran College caters to students from Early Learning through to Year 12. The Howard Springs Campus is the only Middle/Senior School campus servicing Years 6 – 12. However, if your children attend different campuses, there is an inter-campus bus that connects them all. The senior campus also features the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) which commences in Year 6 and is completed in Year 10.

Palmerston Christian College: Palmerston Christian College caters to Early Learning through to Year 12. Palmerston Christian College offers holistic Christian education with a focus on respect, responsibility, maximised learning and service to others.  The College is a 10-minute drive from Zuccoli.

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